The tours offer uncompromised safety on a complete double wire throughout with a Double Redundant system and brakes on every platform at the end of each zip line. The entire course has been personally designed, built and annually certified by a certified ACCT (Association of Challenge Course Technology) professional vendor, world leaders for Challenge Course standards in installation, operation and inspection.

Your state-of-the-art harness and safety helmet are from Petzl and Singing Rock, the world’s leaders in challenge course equipment. Our gloves are custom made with kevla inserted into the palm for your further safety.

All of our Rangers have attended and passed the most stringent training programme conducted by the ACCT. The Rangers have to be annually certified by the ACCT to be able to work on the zip lines and to handle your safety.

The ACCT annual certification and inspection certificate for Antigua Rainforest Company together with every Ranger’s annual ACCT certificates are on display in the Pump House where you are harnessed and given your safety briefing.

Antigua Rainforest ACCT Certification